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The Kvarner Region

An inspired, great writer once wrote that the most beautiful Croatian region, the region of Kvarner, was located where the Mediterranean entered deepest into Europe.

That is why it can be rightfully said that this real treasury of unique jewels of natural, historical and cultural heritage is a true symphony of the diversity of images and sounds, smells and flavors.

This ecologically preserved area is surrounded by emerald shades of greenery, invigorated with clean air flowing from the mountain slopes and bathed in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, the realization of man's desire to have a relaxing experience in touch with nature.

Great landscape diversities are a unique natural feature that make up Kvarner and its land and sea area of 8,000 square meters. The ultramarine blue of the Adriatic, adorned with the sunny whitewashed numerous islands of Kvarner, draws the traveler and visitors' attention to awe-inspiring views. The island landscape is still streaked with drywalls, these roses of untreated stone, which set the limits of sheep's movement or were built to preserve fertile ground.

The rugged and picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea was occupied by towns and small seaside villages, where we can feel the local stone poetry in tightly clustered houses and wandering playful alleys. 

Kvarner's hinterland is covered with fairytale and misty forests, mountains and pastures of Gorski Kotar, which is rightfully called the green heart of Croatia. Gurgling mountain rivers and dreamy lakes are an inexhaustible source of drinking water and the foundation of future life. 

The richness of nature given to the Kvarner region is accompanied by a rich saga of its cultural heritage. This heritage was largely determined by a thousand-year-old experience of life on this crossroad of different climates and cultures that arrived by sea and by land - Slavic, Roman, German and Hungarian.

Living on windswept land, flogged by historic storms, the local population has not forgotten to nurture traditional values. Hard-working and resourceful, the native inhabitants carefully studied the newcomers who came with the most diverse intentions. The native population absorbed what seemed useful to them and adjusted it to their everyday lives. The diversity of influences, habits and customs was beneficiary and led to a varied cuisine, which can satisfy the most demanding palates increasingly looking for healthy food and clean unspoilt nature.

The atmosphere of natural beauty and cultural heritage in Kvarner created the basis for the launch of tourism, which has the longest tradition in Croatia.

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