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VrbnikVRBNIK - is one of the best known towns in Croatia thanks to its Glagolitic inheritance and to the famous folk song that has specific melody and content, interpreted and arranged in series of various versions – 'Vrbniče nad morem' (Vrbnik above the sea).

Vrbnik is, as well as the other Frankopans' towns – castles, situated at a height of 50 metres above sea level, yet on a very special place, on the top of a cliff that, literally, plunges into the sea. With Šilo, Vrbnik is one of the biggest towns on east coast of island of Krk. In books, Vrbnik was first mentioned in 1100. Its residents usually dealt with agriculture and less with sailing and fishing.

The best known product of Vrbnik and the Vrbnik field is golden-yellow wine – žlahtina.
Along with Dobrinj, Vrbnik is only municipal center without hotels. Dobrinj and Vrbnik are different than the other municipal centers – they are towns-museums.