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KrkTOWN OF KRK - is the administrative, political, economic and religious center of the island of Krk. From the earliest times, the town of Krk has been the historic and cultural center of the island. The fact that the town is even now surrounded by the ramparts which originated from the Roman times, makes it very interesting. When the Romans arrived they found an existing settlement, so they incorporated their buildings alongside those already there.

Legendary blind Greek Homer, in his famous poems mentioned Koureto, which explorers connect with Krk and its residents. The magnificent cathedral complex dominates the town, although it's not situated in an elevated position. Christianity arrived in the town of Krk very early, and the proof to that is an Ilyirian tombstone, not a Roman one.

Traces of the town's hospitality exists from the early Middle Ages. The first guests were the Czechs, at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then up until today, the town of Krk with its hotel complex and campsites, became a firm tourist center, well-known even in the wider Europe.