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PunatPUNAT - is situated on the east coastal part of Bay of Punat which is 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. Punat is one of the youngest settlements on the island of Krk. In the past, Punat belonged to the town of Krk and the area of the town Vrbnik reached up to the area of Punat.

Today, Punat is one of the greatest nautical centers in Croatia, but also the insular center of the olive's growth. Talking about Punat without mentioning the islet of Košljun is unthinkable. Punat and Košljun have strong connections, and the lives of its residents are interwoven.

Every visitor to Punat wants to visit the islet of Košljun, and that is possible thanks to the boatmen that provide the 10-minute boat ride from Punat to Košljun and back.