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KlimnoKLIMNO – is situated on the east part of the island, 10 minutes ride from Krk Bridge. In years long tourist tradition Klimno is well known for its gourmet offer in restaurants with sea-fruit specialties and other local specialties, as well as the famous local wine.

You can find accommodation in villas and apartments. The Bay of Klimno incorporates places Klimno, Soline and Čižići.

Soline is well known for the pre-Roman salt-pans and recently, for its private accommodation offer. Meline, situated between Čižići and Soline, is well known for its healing mud. The mud is used in treating bone ache.

Many guests, satisfied with the effect of the mud, tend to return. Čižići is a location which, from one side, is immersed in the sea and on the other side embraced by rich vegetation. Rudine, a village, is situated near Čižići.
Rudine kept its rural ambiance, which can take one back to times past.

Near Rudine, you can visit the cave Biserujka.