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DobrinjDOBRINJ – is situated in the northeast, central part of the island of Krk and it's facing the heartland.
It is one of the oldest towns-castles on the island, and as well as the other towns-castles, it is situated on the height whose slopes are facing, on one side north, and on the other side east. Old names and toponyms (place names) confirm its pre-Ilyiric origins.

Dobrinj is first mentioned in the year 1100 in the Glagolitic sheet of 'glorious Dragoslav'.
The ethnographic museum in Dobrinj is a treasury that shows how it was in the past and how people used to live, and it is certainly worth visiting. In between the main square – placa and St. Stjepan (St. Stepehen) Church, there is the family Barbalić's house where you can find another rich ethnographic collection.

To visit Dobrinj and not to try šurlice (homemade, handmade pasta) is not a full experience. Dobrinj is, probably, best known because of the production of šurlice.