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baska 01BAŠKA - Baška and its surroundings are one integrated ensemble on the southeast of the island. This area has exceptional characteristics. Climbing from the Bay of Punat up to 330 meters above sea level, reaching the hillsides of Treskavac which has the highest point on the island (Obzova, 570m), we suddenly stand before the Baška Valley and we stay stunned and breathless because we weren't prepared for such breath taking scenery – the game of nature, the combination of the mountains and the sea.

In this place, around year 1100, the birth certificate of the Croats – the Baška Tablet – was formed. Baška is also known for one of the largest and most beautiful pebble beaches on the Adriatic, which is more than 1800 meters long. Natural fine sand allows enjoyment of the beach for non-swimmers and the children because the depth of the sea increases gradually.

As like all the other places on the island, the old part of the town is rugged with narrow streets. The houses are built one next to the other, which is typical for Mediterranean towns.